Charnel Heart

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2019)

Karakter: 2.5/6

FLYKT Charnel Heart album cover.jpgThe Swedish entity named Flykt was conceived roughly three years ago and this 8-track debut offering of theirs consists of fast-paced and intense black metal with heaps of tremolo-picked melodies and grim riffs to it. What let's this album down is not so much its lack of originality and musical identity as it is a lack of truly strong, evocative, and memorable tunes. The sound and feel of the entire affair is also slightly lifeless and sterile, which is pretty damn frustrating. Having said all of that, tracks such as "Cadaver of Doubt" and the raging (not to mention utterly brutal) "Sent to Destroy" show some real potential and contain some wicked hooks and cool nuances, but in the overall perspective, "Charnel Heart" simply fails to capture the imagination.

There are too many half-baked ideas on it and it comes across as an underwhelming listening experience. The thing is that these guys are clearly skilled musicians and more than capable of handling their instruments, so despite this record not exactly being a rewarding encounter as such, it will be interesting to see and hear what Flykt will come up with the next time around. There is promise and potential here for sure. Folter Records have released some muscular and stellar black metal albums over the years, but "Charnel Heart" is unfortunately not one of them.


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