The Eternal Darkness I Adore

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2018)

Karakter: 5/6

KULT The Eternal Darkness I Adore album cover.jpgA most unholy and downright evil atmosphere permeates this blasphemous offering by Italy's Kult and more often than not, it attains a trance-like aura that is as captivating as it is loathsome. The song material feels so ugly and disgusting that you will want to take a shower after having listened to it, which is obviously a huge compliment as this skilled black metal horde manages to convey a frightening sense of nihilism and repulsive darkness that most other acts can only dream of. The riffs are caustic but somewhat easy on the ear and catchy, and the rhythm section provides bombast and thick blackened rumbles while the vocals ooze venom. As raw and unfiltered as "The Eternal Darkness I Adore" might appear at first, it is in fact quite controlled and disciplined, and there is no faulting the musicianship, but the true strength of this album and the reason why I keep returning to it over and over again is because of the aforementioned atmosphere and it being so all-consuming. My favorite cuts are "Black Drapes" and "Canticle of Thorns", both of which are utterly morose and yet strangely epic too.

Regardless of whether you are into Triumphator and Tempe of Baal or Darkthrone and ancient Bathory, there is something for you to get excited here. "The Eternal Darkness I Adore" is twisted and unsettling underground black metal at its finest!



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