Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Art Gates Records, 2019)

Karakter: 4.5/6

OF FIRE Draparen album cover.jpgCrushing and rumbling death with metal with a huge amount of groove to it is what these ugly Swedish fuckers named Of Fire offer. To phrase that differently, big riffs and even bigger choruses that are bound to smash your face in and pounding drums that will inevitably break your bones are what you have in store for yourself here, my dear scummy reader. The sound is thick and massive, the vocals are vile and caustic, and the lethal and murder-soaked tunes are as effective as they are memorable. In some ways, Of Fire are akin to a nasty cross between Entombed Murder Squad, Mr. Death, and Jungle Rot, which goes back to what I stated about "Dräparen" being a groovy affair, but make no mistake; this disc lacks neither power nor brutality. The slower-paced title track is arguably the most atmospheric and unique piece to be found on the cursed thing and yet it is pretty damn savage too. The rather simple and straightforward zombie-feast that is "Undead" also deserves much praise.

In short, this 8-track slice of raw death 'n' roll is a catchy and entertaining output with an honest vibe and a vintage feel to it that is quite appealing. The record also keeps the intensity and momentum up for more or less the entire time that we are in its vicious company, which is obviously a major plus. For a teaser, check the jaw-shattering "Necro Train" or the hook-laden "Let Them Hang" out.


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