Was Bleibt

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Echozone, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

nachtfalter.jpgThis 10-track debut offering by the skilled German duo that is Nachtfalter is an interesting one. Rooted in gothic metal and featuring some rather prominent guitars that provide bombast and punch to the compositions, this record shows both talent and a huge dose of potential.

In short, these morose dudes have a pretty firm grasp of how to craft memorable songs with layers and textures to them. On top of that, they pull it all off in style in the sense that “Was Bleibt” oozes confidence and experience, which is fucking great and inspiring as we are dealing with a debut here. This is hopefully just a sign of what is to come years down the road. The use of synthesizers and keyboards is tasteful, and the way in which they are interwoven with the sharp yet powerful guitars is impressive.

Needless to say, “Was Bleibt” is neither an uplifting nor cozy listening experience, but then who on earth would want their German goth metal to sound anything but cold and riddled with melancholy? The so-called “Elektro Version” of “Maschinenklang” is ridiculous, but the other nine cuts are enjoyable affairs, and you can tell that Nachtfalter have poured their hearts and souls into them. It is not the most original of albums, but it is definitely worth checking out, and that especially goes for the three highlights of the disc, namely “Vollkommenheit”, "Nacht", and the haunting “Nur Noch Einmail...”.


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