Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Godz ov War Productions, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Warfist album cover.jpgThis foul Polish duo specializes in raging black/thrash metal that kind of sounds like an unholy mixture of Exodus and Aura Noir. Bestial Mockery, Old, Witchmaster, early Sodom, and the Norwegian outfit Tyrann also come to mind here and there. What really works in favor of this 10-track onslaught are its sharp and precise riffs that show finesse and style and yet the record also has that rumbling, bombastic underground vibe to it that never fails to appeal to me. Lyrically, the album revolves around the dark pages of the history of Zielona Gora/Grünberger, so not only does it have a pretty inspired and cool theme to it, but it is also more interesting than the usual cliched bullshit that one is often served.

One thing that immediately stands out is the utterly solid musicianship, and there is a strong sense of discipline and focus to the proceedings. The vocals courtesy of Mihu fit the raw and pounding song material beautifully and complement the relatively straightforward and neck-snapping riffs perfectly. Despite the riffs being of a rather simple nature, many of the arrangements and song structures are quite clever and well thought out, which is great. The majority of pieces are pounding and borderline relentless in terms of aggression, but certain parts and sections become almost too monotonous as a result of that and lack dynamics. Another thing that works against this record are a couple of slightly uneven and uninteresting compositions (namely "Feasting on Dead Bodies" and "The Punishment") that rear their heads and temporarily kill the momentum. The most memorable cuts are the crushing "The Burning Flames of Ignorance" and the morose "March of Death" due to them being highly varied and conjuring up a truly dark and ominous mood thanks to their twisted riffs and hugely intense vocals.

"Grünberger" is most certainly a competent and enjoyable output with a strong sense of determination to it, and the positives definitely outweigh the negatives here, so although it may lack those spine-tingling moments that similar classics within the genre possess, it is well-worth checking out for all you lovable underground scumbags out there.

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