A Flock Slaughtered

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Godz ov War Productions, 2019)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Pig's Blood album cover.jpgThe bestial black/death metal squadron that is Pig's Blood did not exactly blow my tits and dick off when I reviewed their previous self-titled full-length assault, but this time around these ugly fuckers have really upped their warped game, which is to say that this new 32-minute long detonation of theirs is quite something.

We are still dealing with vile and murky metal from the deepest pit of hell, and acts such as Incantation, Blasphemy, Angel Corpse, Black Witchery, Conqueror, and to a lesser extent Von come to mind now and again whenever I spin this disc, but the great thing about "A Flock Slaughtered" is that it reeks of conviction and utter determination. Pulverizing and grinding riffs, hellish and delightfully morbid vocals, pounding drums that sound like artillery, and a pitch black atmosphere signaling death and decay is essentially what this 11-track slab of impenetrable darkness is all about. What sets Pig's Blood apart from many similar bands out there is the strength of the songwriting and the fact that they write memorable tunes as opposed to mere dissonant noise. Simply put, there is a red thread running through it all.

This album is a marked improvement compared with its predecessor, but it is first and foremost a highly competent and solid offering that evokes a truly sinister vibe, which is perfectly exemplified by the songs "Enforced Agony (The Noose Tightened)" and "A Flock Slaughtered (Unfettered Maniacs)".



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