The Expansion

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Edged Circle Productions, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Teleport_TheExpansion.jpgDissonant metal is an aquired taste. It could be dreadfully brutally boring (Pyrrhon) or it could breathe fresh air into stagnant melodicism without sacrificing brutality (Ulcerate). The Slovenian blackened death metal ensemble consisting of Jan Medved (guitars & vocals), Matija Dolinar (guitars), Lovro Babič (bass), and Darian Kocmur (drums), are actually straddling both tendencies on this here, their 2nd EP, in 9 years of their existence as a band.

Somewhere between Gorguts' "Colored Sands", Deathspell Omega's "Fas - Ite Maledicti In Ignem Aeternum", Ulcerate's "Everything Is Fire", The Chasm's "Farseeing The Paranormal Abyss", recent Autopsy and ancient Mastodon, Teleport can bring compelling arguments for both death and black metal, as in on the favorite "Aphotic Flames Of Dissolution" or they can discourage the listener with constant minimalistic slow riffing that induces sound sleep (title track). It is actually as though they only had excellent ideas for one track but one track does not an EP make, so they haphazardly put together two more, one worst than the other.

"The Expansion" is a dense, delicate to brutal testimony to Teleport's undeniable instrumental prowess that denies their apparent ability to write cogent and memorable songs. In this day and age, we, the metal People, require more from an outfit with nearly a decade of life on their breath. Teleport has potential but when they actually start to realize it beyond their peers we have yet to learn.


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