Slide It In - 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Parlophone/Rhino, 2019)

Karakter: 5/6

Whitesnake Slide It In album cover.jpgThis luxurious and lavish-looking box set by the legendary Whitesnake oozes class and quality all the way through (both musically and in terms of content) and is a most fitting tribute to the expertly crafted record that is "Slide It In". 6 CDs, a DVD, a cool-looking poster, a 1984 tour programme replica, and a book on the aforementioned classic album – what more could you possibly want? To put it simply, "Slide It In" is a great record and I have always loved the fact that it so perfectly bridges the gap between the old bluesy 'Snake albums and the more slick and bombastic "1987" and "Slip of the Tongue" (1989) that would follow later on. On "Slide It In", the moving and soulful elements that characterized the first handful of albums are all there, but so are the utterly catchy and instantly memorable ones that would dominate the band's late 80s outputs. Boasting formidable line-ups for both the UK and US versions of this somewhat underappreciated opus (i.e. the US version was partly re-recorded and remixed by a different cast of musicians, thus differing slightly from the original UK version), the passion, energy, and deep-seated love for truly awe-inspiring rock music course through the veins of "Slide It In" at all times, and its brilliant compositions ala "Slow 'An Easy", "Love Ain't No Stranger", and the title track are right up there with the very best of them. I used the word underappreciated before, but I guess what I am really trying to say is that I find the album to be underrated with respect to just how solid and cohesive it is in terms of quality. Is it not then wonderful that Mr. Coverdale and Parlophone/Rhino have put this marvelous deluxe edition together containing the aforementioned UK and US versions of the record, various demos and outtakes, rehearsals, studio pranks, video clips, music videos, a riveting and highly explosive live show from Glasgow on the 1984 tour, and Jon Lord's last performance with the glorious 'Snake in Sweden dating from April 1984? With Coverdale's heartfelt vocals, Cozy Powell's dynamic and aggressive drumming, and some of the coolest guitar wizardry known to man (courtesy of Mel Galley and John Sykes), it should come as no surprise that this 35th anniversary edition of the superb "Slide It In" is pretty fucking essential for all you lovers of hard rock out there. It marks a pivotal and creatively interesting point in the fascinating Whitesnake chronicle. Personally, I think the inclusion of the 1984 Glasgow performance is more than enough reason why one ought to invest in this beautiful release, but as with the recently released "Unzipped" box, the entire thing is a treasure trove of delicious music with texture and flavor to it.

Discs one and two containing the UK and US versions of "Slide It In" are both very cool, but the third disc is amazing in that it is a scorching hot 35th anniversary (2019) remix of said album. You want loud and crispy music? Then check that one out! The fifth disc contains the Glasgow gig and Powell's stellar drumming and double-bass attack have rarely sounded better than they do here, but if we go back to the fourth disc then that one holds some monitor mixes and intros from September 1983 (probably the least interesting tracks compared to the rest of the box set material) and Lord's last gig with the band. The sixth CD is entitled "Early Ruff Mixes, Original Demos & Obscurities", and that one is a lot of fun. The DVD is of course loaded with music videos, various clips both old and new, and a few other bits and pieces. Then again, why I am telling you all of this? By now you should have figured out that this anniversary release is bluesy hard rock at its finest and housed in a fantastic-looking box that deserves a special place in your kick-ass collection at home!

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