Let the Show Go On

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fastball Music, 2018)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Horizons Edge album cover.jpgThe Australian outfit Horizons Edge are about to unleash this sophomore effort of theirs via Fastball Music and as with the debut offering, it draws heavily on some of the greats of power metal (Helloween, Domine, Primal Fear, Kamelot, Firewind, and so on) while simultaneously building a sound and identity of their own due to the cool female vocals courtesy of Kat Sproule. There is something about these guys that makes them stand out from the crowd (apart from their kick-ass tunes, obviously) that is quite difficult to sum up or put into words, but the only thing you need to concern yourself with is the fact that "Let the Show Go On" is a prime example of how dramatic and effective power metal can be when done properly.

What immediately struck me the very first time I spun the disc was how intensely energetic the entire affair is. The amount of passion that flows through the album's twelve compositions is downright inspiring to experience and Horizons Edge definitely have a knack for delivering lethal riffs that will peel the paint from your ugly walls. The progressive tendencies that sneak into the picture here and there provide an element of unpredictability while the song material ranges from pulverizing metal anthems and further on to ballad-like with a subtle melancholy twist to them. "Let the Show Go" On is not original as such, but neither is it as cliched nor stereotypical as many other modern power metal albums out there, and the riffing is way more intricate and interesting here compared to what one is usually served. Simply put, one cannot deny the power of the sharp guitars or the excellence of the many vocal hooks that are present on the album, and for that this 5-piece squadron deserves praise.

Boasted by a massive production and stellar musicianship, this galloping and bombastic onslaught of epic metal ought to blow your wrinkled ass to smithereens, so check it out once it is released in March. For a teaser, check out either "Demons" or the marvelous title track.

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