Inner Death

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Blood Harvest Records / Helter Skelter Productions, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

ECTOVOID Inner Death cover.jpgUS death mongers Ectovoid have released some rather impressive things that reek of all things rotten and vile since the conception of the band back in 2010 and this upcoming 7" EP/tape EP of theirs entitled “Inner Death” is no different. Foul and vicious death metal with nods to Incantation and Autopsy is the order of the day and these ugly fucks deliver their three nasty compositions that are rich on atmosphere and contain plenty of morbid and twisted riffs.

The tone and feel of the EP is suitably murky and yet each instrument is clearly audible in the mix, so there is no shortage of warmth or power here. The driven and rather concise “Internal Inversion” has a sense of urgency to it that is instantly appealing while the remaining two cuts are slightly more varied and dynamic affairs.

The chaotic solos have a Morbid Angel-esque flair to them, which is obviously a compliment, and the venomous vocals ooze confidence, so no complaints there. If sinister death metal of the old-school variety appeals to you, make sure this wicked release does not pass you by.



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