Origin of Hate

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Art Gates Records, 2018)

Karakter: 5/6

Deathtale_OriginOfHate.jpgThe Austrian death/thrash metal outfit formed in 2009 and is one of the most interesting bands I never heard of before this, their third full lenght. The band consists of vocalist Patrick Pieler, rhythm guitarist Arian Rezaie, lead guitarist Gilli Gehring, bassist Philipp Späth and drummer Tom Kräutner. What fascinates me as much about Deathtale?

As far as death/thrash metal is concerned these Austrians are pretty unique. Presented here is a Byzantine by the way of Revocation/Fear Factory-ish technical riffing and melodicism that often goes unexpected places, most of which is very catchy without sacrificing an ounce of innate heaviness. The material is of rather even quality but Testament-ian "Unleash the Wolves" and heavily Death-y "The Heretic" truly standout from the rest with excellent riffs, ebbs and flows and catchy melodies to say nothing of fantastic while not flashy musicianship. The section Späth/Kräutner sometimes even recalls Meshuggah or Lamb Of God in intricacy (Bloodgod, Born And Broken) while Rezaie/Gehring dual melodies remind me of Prong's "Cleansing" (Walk Over Water).

With all the accolades, some tracks could have been catchier and more melodic, longer perhaps ((Bloodgod, Born And Broken, Seven Sins) but the fact that I was planning on giving this just a 4.5/6 score yet I changed my mind as I listed all the good points of this record while reviewing my notes, which is unprecedented, speaks for the quality of this excellent endeavor.

One of the more original and memorable bands in recent acquisition, and the better of Art Gates Records Releases (the first being Whitemour) "Origin Of Hate" comes recommended for fans of Revocation or Byzantine or just really unique catchy technical death/thrash metal.


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