Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fysisk Format, 2018)

Karakter: 5/6

Spurv cover.jpgThe very first time I immersed myself in this superb album by the Norwegian entity Spurv and listened intensely to how the final track entitled "Allting Får Sin Ende, Også Natten" drew the entire affair to a majestic close, I knew that we were dealing with something unique and different. The eight compositions that constitute the symphonic "Myra" are wide and epic in scope yet exquisitely intricate, intimate, and haunting too. Filled with swirling melodies and cinematic atmospheres, this record is a warm and organic affair that ranges from the beautiful and fragile to the hugely bombastic and emotionally intense. Guitars, percussion, pianos, glockenspiel, violins, cellos, and synthesizers all come to together in a glorious manner here. The musicianship is downright dazzling and the energetic and clever drumming stands out in particular, but the cool thing about Spurv is that everything is about serving the song. In fact, some of the arrangement are somewhat sparse and anything but complex and yet they highlight the virtues of the songs so goddamn perfectly that it hurts. Highlights include the hypnotic and elegantly written pieces that are "Fra Dypet Under Stenen" and "Den Gamles Stemme Brister" as they are riddled with interesting textures and a deep-seated sense of longing. More or less everything flows together seamlessly and I could well imagine that this is one of those stellar discs that could potentially appeal to lovers of all kinds of different genres. Fans of prog might dig it due to its more complex parts and layers, black metal fanatics might cherish its bombast and melancholy vibe, and folk rock freaks might even love it thanks to its introspective moods and melodic flair. If you are a sucker for post-rock, fear not as "Myra" is an eclectic and original blend of many different styles of music that looks to both the past and the future. In any case, Spurv have managed to piece various and often contrasting elements together in an original way, and in the process of doing just that they have spawned a cohesive, coherent, and stately work of art that is utterly rich in detail. It feels like a homage to the sublime, which is to say that it is impossible not to get carried away by this one. Simply put, this talented ensemble paints wild and wonderful landscapes by means of their evocative sounds and I strongly recommend that you explore "Myra" in detail on a cold and windswept autumn day.

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