Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Art Gates Records, 2018)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Sudden Death Stillborn.jpgBlistering death metal hailing from the darkest pit of Italy is the order of the day here. The explosive quintet known as Sudden Death are back with yet another devastating attack in the shape of this 5-track EP of theirs entitled "Stillborn". There is plenty of variation to the song material conjured up by these guys this time around and there is most certainly no shortage of punch to the whole sickening affair.

There are massive and bombastic riffs, earth-shattering drums, and growls of hate all over this cursed thing. Tight, disciplined, and as sharp as a fucking razor, "Stillborn" is simply put an energetic all-out assault on the senses. The musicianship is impressive and everything is nicely executed, and the song material walks that fine line between being suitably frantic and utterly controlled. In some ways, certain parts and aspects of the tunes bring to mind such acts as Fulgora, Suffocation, and Necrophagist. They are technically dazzling and structured, but luckily not as lifeless or sterile as many songs and albums by similar bands tend to turn out. The unrelenting "Flood to the Ground" as well as the pummeling title track are the standout cuts while "The Right to Kill" is ferocious, but it lacks climax. The ominous intro deserves praise as well and carries with it a dark tone and foul mood. Album closer "Too Dead to Fuck" is wonderfully intense, twisted, and quite bass heavy, which is a fucking treat to listen to.

Overall, "Stillborn" is brutal, aggressive, and entertaining stuff, and it is pretty damn neat if you have had a long and crappy day at work and simply need to let off some steam. Short, concise, and to the point – this wicked EP will tear you a new asshole. Definitely a cool addition to the genre.



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