Dead Nation Army

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Hatestone Records, 2018)

Karakter: 4/6

ENEMYNSIDE Dead Nation Army.jpgThe Italian thrash metallers known as Enemynside recently unearthed this hard-hitting and punchy 4-track EP of theirs entitled "Dead Nation Army". Now, let it be known that there is absolutely nothing original, different, or revolutionary to what these fuckers do; there are plenty of similar and nearly identical bands out there doing the exact same thing, but the cool thing about Enemynside is that these guys know how to craft strong riffs and conjure up some clever and rather bombastic arrangements that ought to serve all your headbanging purposes.
There are pummeling riffs, aggressive vocals, fat and rumbling bass lines, and pounding drums aplenty here, and the tunes are compact and to the point, which entails that they never go on for too long or outstay their welcome. Riff-wise, Enemeyside bring to mind some of the latter releases by Destruction and to a lesser extent Kreator, Exodus, and Sepultura due to them being somewhat violent yet with subtle melodic touches to them. In other words, they are quite catchy yet never so complex or convoluted that one cannot get one's head around them. This is the kind of stuff that one only needs to listen to once or twice before everything just sticks in one's memory due to the direct nature of the song material.
There are loads of killer hooks scattered throughout the EP and the musicianship as well as the production are most solid, so if varied and entertaining thrash metal gets you horny then you might consider giving "Dead Nation Army" a few spins. Just keep in mind that Enemynside are not exactly bringing anything new to the table.

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