Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(earMUSIC, 2018)

Karakter: 4.5/6

ANGRA album cover.jpgThe Brazilian horde known as Angra have been flying the bombastic metal flag high for three decades now and show absolutely no sign of slowing down or running out of steam. The band's original and captivating blend of prog metal, thrash metal, and fist-pumping power metal is as potent as ever as evidenced by this enjoyable 2018 opus of theirs entitled "ØMNI", which consists of eleven cleverly arranged and imaginative tunes. Certain aspects of Angra's sound display a classical musical influence and there is plenty of drama and scope to this brand new assault of theirs. The songs both encompass and shift between the fast and thunderous, the melodic and all-out face-melting, and the introspective and epic. Utterly sharp guitar leads abound here, folks. There is a cinematic quality to the eerie "Black Widow's Web" while the memorable "Travelers of Time" is pure heavy metal bliss. The moody and unpredictable "Insania" is another treat while the true masterpiece of the album is the highly varied, soaring, and atmospheric "Ømni – Silence Inside".

While the first half of the album is slightly better and more interesting than the latter one, "ØMNI" is a strong, well-written, and at times technically dazzling album that ought to satisfy any fan of the band as well as any fan of the genres that were mentioned earlier on. The powerful production and crystal clear sound of the entire thing only add to the cool experience of immersing oneself in it. In addition, the lyrics are killer, which is to say engaging and thought-provoking, and the artwork is most fitting and evocative as well. All in all this is a neat little package containing some great song material. You know what to do!

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