Unhinged – Live From Milan

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers, 2018)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Unruly Child cover.jpgThe terribly underrated US hard rock act known as Unruly Child released a rather cool collection of songs last year entitled “Can’t Go Home” that brought the band firmly back into the spotlight. A couple of months following that, the impressive line-up consisting of Marcie Free (King Kobra), Bruce Gowdy (World Trade), Guy Allison (Doobie Brothers), Larry Antonino (Pablo Cruise), and the brilliant Jay Schellen (Asia, Yes) performed at that year’s Frontiers Festival in front of a rapturous audience. Luckily, the tapes and cameras were rolling that night. Now, the great thing about that particular gig was that the quintet plowed through their classic debut album and performed the glorious thing in its entirety along with a few other killer cuts, which is pretty damn cool, me thinks.

Boasting a warm sound and a most solid production, each member of Unruly Child is right on the money and the performance is a structured, disciplined, and spirited one. The set list is a treat and the entire package is just marvelous. Melodic hard rock in a live setting has rarely sounded better and Unruly Childs sound like a raging beast in places that is out to reclaim lost territory. One can only admire the drive and passion that emanate from “Unhinged – Live in Milan”. Highlights include “On the Rise”, “Rock Me Down Nasty”, “Tunnel of Love”, and the dynamic “Long Hair Woman”.

If atmospheric and memorable hard rock that brings to mind other superb acts such as Night Ranger, Def Leppard, and House of Lords appeals to you, you simply need to acquaint yourself with this exquisite live offering and revel in its many musical qualities. There are plenty of excellent melodies, wicked solos, meaty riffs, and stunning vocals to keep you entertained for hours here.

Note that this review only covers the CD version and not the DVD/Blu Ray disc.

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