MUSTASCH live at Garage, Bergen

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper

The hard-hitting Swedish rockers known as Mustasch laid siege to the city of Bergen on a dreary Wednesday night and drew a pretty decent-sized crowd who were there to have their asses kicked six ways to Sunday by the quartet. The band walked on stage and launched into the dynamic “Double Nature” and from thereon out, we were treated to nothing but great songs with memorable riffs and awesome hooks to them. The audience were onboard from the get-go and you could tell that many had been looking forward to watching Mustasch in action in an intimate setting like this. Cuts such as “Borderline”, “Dogwash”, “Black City”, “Mine”, and “Parasite” sounded wicked and were delivered with conviction. Highlights included the crushing “Thank You for the Demon” and the driven “Heresy Blasphemy”.

The band was tight and energetic while the charismatic and entertaining Ralf Gyllenhammer (guitars/vocals) certainly knew how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. On top of that, the sound was surprisingly good from where I was standing and the band's groovy tunes were delightfully punchy and full of crunch. There was very little fucking around and no wasted time of any sort throughout the first half of the show. Gradually, the banter between the audience and Mustasch became a little more pronounced, almost as if the two parties were warming up to each other. There were also some funny and cool introductions to the songs, which again goes back to Gyllenhammer being a great front man and knowing how to commandeer a room full of rowdy metal heads.  
Despite a few technical difficulties, the band played a great set and were able to keep the momentum going while also infusing the show with a lot of charm, humor, and warmth. As I mentioned earlier on, the turnout was decent for a Wednesday too, so overall I would wager that last night was a success for all of us including Mustasch. A fun and memorable night for sure!

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