SVPREMACIST releases 'Meaningless Death'

(Repose Records)


Blackened Thrash metallers SVPREMACIST releases 'Meaningless Death' album via Repose Records

When the roots of evil have crept out you're left faced with SVPREMACIST - a dry, snatchy and  savagely primal blackened thrash album entitled "Meaningless Death". The spirit of the mighty  5150 reigns supreme here with a rhythm section that pummels your ears in the style of early  Kreator, Rotting Christ and Possessed fused with the deathcrush insanity of Vulcano and Aura  Noir. Uniting together to create the infernal sound of demonic screams on a grand scale.

Throughout the "Meaningless Death" you'll hear furious echoes of French hi-tech death metallers Massacra and a nod to the Floridian death metal legacy from 90-92 which is joy for all  purists of the death metal ‘Golden Era'.

Laced with lyrics of morbid nihilism and contemptuous heresy SVPREMACIST proclaim: "Death is an icon and reflection of your own panic of losing whatever it is you grasp on to in order to feel alive - your reeking pile of dogma and lies like spirituality, identity, and self. You are nothing!" 

Formed in 2017 in Tel Aviv by frontman Shkedemon SVPREMACIST remain faithful to its hateful  and angry ideology from beginning to bitter end. After extensive live show performances and the  release of two EPs ("Black Fuck You Metal" and "Book Burner"), SVPREMACIST are now ready  for a worldwide breakthrough album with "Meaningless Death". Their unmistakable hellish  formula was recorded in 2020 with producer Gad "Terror" Torrefranca without modern digital tricks as a homage to recording styles of yesteryear.

At full force and speed SVPREMACIST impose their unceremonious mosh, the unquenchable fire and total death, ripping to shreds with their unholy incense "Meaningless Death".

From Gehenna! For the headbanging! Your neck will def hurt like hell!

1. Witches 03:26
2. Godkiller 04:16
3. Drug of Choice 03:27
4. Under Siege 01:40
5. Spawn (of the Infertile) 04:18
6. No Life Matters 02:53
7. Unintelligent Design 03:51
8. 13 Blank Cards 04:13


Shkedemon - vox & rhythm guitar
Lord Teeth  - lead guitar
Maror - drums
Hell A.D. - bass

Recorded and mixed by Gad Torrefranca at Polar +
Alfa, Summer 2020, Tel Aviv.
Produced by Gad Torrefranca + Shkedemon.
Mastered by TC at Forneus Studio, 2021.
Cover by Daniel Hermosilla, NoxFragor Art, Chile.
Band logo by Rok





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