NIFROST launches new single




NIFROST launches new single from upcoming album

Norwegian Viking/Folk black metallers NIFROST Releases New Single "Sirkel" New Album, Orkja, to be Released on June 25.
Watch the streaming music video Here:

After releasing "Eit siste Ynskje" as a first glimpse of what norwegian viking/folk black metal up-and-comers Nifrost have to offer on their new album "Orkja" (out on early summertime via Dusktone), today they reveal their anthem "Sirkel" to the world!

Being one of Nifrost's most unique songs, 'Sirkel' was created the old fashioned way in the rehearsal place. By letting the music flow, the droning riffs repeated in a meditative state of mind. 

The song 'Sirkel' is building in an intensity that resolves in a climax.
'Sirkel' describes a circular understanding of time. Life, death and rebirth. 

At the last stages of completing this song, the addition of the ice cold screams by the mysterious Grindadrap of Drittmaskin further elevated this primal beast.

Pre orders activated via :

Dusktone Store : https://bit.ly/3uhAxEz
Dusktone BC : https://bit.ly/3wrhbhF

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