Oooth release the video for Departures

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South African Hard Rockers OOOTH release the video for Departures

Johannesburg based rocker unit Oooth, led by renowned South African drummer and musician Jason Oosthuizen release the video for Departures the opening track of their new album Nothing's Gonna Change.

"The song, I would think, will resonate with many people trying to escape from somewhere or something that they feel is holding them back, but thinking of the personal and important things or people you might need to leave behind in the process." - Jason

This video is quite chaotic, with all the elements shot in one day. The location also brought an interesting element as they drove through the outskirts of Pretoria with over an hour of farm land and eventually found this gem. The shoot had to also end early as Jason nearly passed out from running around and moving in all directions.

Watch the video here:


Buy / Stream Nothing's Gonna Change album here: https://ditto.fm/nothingsgonnachange

In September 2018 Jason renowned decided to broaden his musical horizons to singer/songwriter position as frontman of OOOTH, a passion project.

In November 2018 Oooth released their first full studio album (Who cares what youthink) and there after the Live DVD of the album release (Keeping it Casual) as well as several music videos and singles were released since then.

Oooth since then grew into a brand consisting of OOOTH CLOTHING & MERCH(offering various shirts, jackets, patches and badges and many more), OOOTH COFFEE(consisting of 2 signature blends) and recently launched OOOTH WINE (first varietal being a 2019 Pinotage).

In the first months of 2020, Oooth released 2 new singles and music videos. In August2020 'Grateful - acoustic' single and music video lead the way to the full album launchof 'Who cares what you Think - Acoustic' in September 2020 paired with an awarenesscampaign for Farm Murders & Gender Based Violence in SA.

January 2021 saw the release of the second studio rock album 'Nothing's Gonna Change' paired with a new music video for 'Your Lies' off this new album. The followingmonth 'Loving You' music video gave the album that extra push. Both music videos and the album has already received airplay and press in Norway, Germany, Australia, Ireland, London and South Africa.

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