Mongrel Records releases pummeling new compilation album FANGS

(Mongrel Records)


Mongrel Records releases pummeling new compilation album FANGS


Mongrel Records is proud to present Fangs, a compilation of some of the finest heavy music from the emerging African underground, focusing predominantly on the fiery South African scene. Included in the 14 explosive tracks are locally acclaimed bands such as Ruff Majik, Deity's Muse, Boargazm, Hellcats, and The Drift, with the added spice of up-and-coming acts like Savage Lucy, Peasant, Goat Throne, and many more. Besides showcasing the best that the continent has to offer, Fangs is also a mixed bag of utterly intense and enjoyable tunes, so bite down hard!

"It was so much fun putting this album together. There are some amazing bands on this continent, it was difficult choosing only 14 tracks. That been said we are already discussing Vol 2!" comments Mongrel Records label manager Warren Gibson.

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Track Listing

  1. RUFF MAJIK "ALL YOU NEED IS SPEED" - Pretoria's Ruff Majik take us on a two-minute trip through the desert at high octane stoner speed with plenty of groove and heavy fury. Their motto is "speed, weed, and everything that bleeds", and it's all on show here (plus more).

  2. PEASANT "DESTINED TO DIRT" - Peasant hail from Cape Town, and mash up metallic hardcore and thrashing punk with a serious set of balls. "Destined To Dirt" is an adrenaline-pumped fist to the face that will leave you reeling and looking for more.

  3. THE DRIFT "FUNERAL MAN" - Groove-laden death metal laced with melodic progressive leanings is the murky swamp that The Drift calls home, and one that they have come to dominate. "Funeral Man" is a highlight from their "Seer" album, one of the finest South African extreme albums ever released.

  4. SUNKEN STATE "THIS IS THE END" - Do you fancy tight, brutal groove metal with extreme vocals, emotional choruses, and huge breakdowns? If so, Gauteng's Sunken State will rip your head clean off with this track from their upcoming album, which promises to be a mean sonofabitch.

  5. HOKUM "TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT" - Hokum is a 3-piece progressive rock band with distortion-heavy riffs and a ballsy, hungry need to explore the cosmos. "Tonight Is Your Night" is a mind-expanding burst from their bold forthcoming album, "Human Sex Equation".

  6. SAVAGE LUCY "VAGABOND" - "Vagabond" is an expansive modern instrumental prog rock showpiece with a riffing backbone, soaring leads, and otherworldly delights. Savage Lucy is set to boldly claim the SA progressive music throne with talent like this!

  7. DEITY'S MUSE "ERRA" - Wayne Boucher and the other ne'er-do-well scamps in Deity's Muse are legendary in the South African scene and have been pushing their boundaries in a more-defined melodic prog direction over the past couple of years. "Erra" is a highlight from their astonishing upcoming "Ennui" EP.

  8. ARKA'N ASRAFOKOR "TEARS OF THE DEAD" - Togo's Arka'n Asrafokor play afro-tribal metal (think "Roots" with a West African vibe) that draws inspiration from African tradition and wisdom. This is extreme music as you've never heard it before, and it will mesmerize thoroughly as it throws you headfirst into the mosh pit.

  9. GOAT THRONE "AMERICAN APPETITE" - If you have ever wondered what a jam session with Electric Wizard and Queens Of The Stone Age would sound like, look no further. Johannesburg's Goat Throne put their foot to the stoner doom pedal on this monolithic track from "Blood For The Blood Goat", and it swings HARD.

  10. HELLCATS "WISH YOU WERE DEAD" - It's not easy to carry the weight of filthy rock & roll with a two-piece band, but Hellcats proved that it was not only possible, but downright optimal with their "The Hex And The Healer" album. "Wish You Were Dead" is a nut-cracking beast from that record.

  11. APOCALYPSE LATER "HYENA"- Grunge outlived the overwhelming hype of the 90's and has spawned many new talents since. Gauteng's Apocalypse Later gives us a dirty Beatles-meets-Nirvana example of their huge talent with "Hyena" from their upcoming EP.

  12. TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN "SURFACING" - Truth And Its Burden have been spreading their melodic/positive hardcore for over a decade, and the impact of songs like "Surfacing" is just as impressive as ever. Uplifting, expressive, and chock-full of emotion, it's a track that will kick your ass and give you a hug afterwards.

  13. BOARGAZM "EPSILON" - Intergalactic space metal as made by hogs from Pretoria, anyone? Boargazm have you totally covered with "Epsilon", a groovy thrash with meticulous viciousness from their upcoming EP, "Armagammon".

  14. RHAKSHAH "TORPOR" - Picture Lamb Of God with extreme elements, melodic guitars, and atmospheric passages, and you're about halfway to understanding the impressive power that is Rhakshah. Enthralling metal with a brain never sounded so damn good.

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