Haunted By Silhouettes ute med ny singel

(Rob Mules Records)

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Bandfoto av Ida Juliane Remen

Haunted By Silhouettes slipper ny låt idag. Dette blir bandets andre singel 'Jakta' fra det kommende albumet The Last Day On Earth.

 Haunted By Silhouettes er et dødsmetal-band fra Trondheim, Norway.

The band was formed in 2013 by the members Fredrik Voje Vinje, Mathias Jamtli Rye and Stian Hoel Fossen. They wanted to write mordern, melodic death metal with a hint of thrash metal.
In december 2013 they all went to Stians cabin in the middle of the forest. It was freezing cold, dark and the perfect enviroment for them to record their first EP together.
In 2014 the EP was finished and was released on youtube, soundcloud etc, and was available on streaming services in 2016. The name of that ep is "The Final Mind Plague"

In october 2015 Fredrik had decided to leave the band to join Eye Of Horus. In came Vidar Sættem Nielsen on guitar, Ola Nilsen Kjøren joined on bass and Håvard Bustad started playing drums for the band.

In 2016 the band performed together for the first time at "Familien" in Trondheim. They played the EP "The Final Mind Plague" and 2 new songs.

The band continued to write new songs and performing live. and late 2016 the band went to Sweden to record their second EP at Studio Eff Sharp. The band was there for 4 days and recorded the whole EP.

January 2017 the band parted ways with Vidar and a month later Per Kristian Grimsland was hired as a replacement.

April 2017 the EP "Wrath of Kharon" was released. The band then played live in Trondheim several times and Ålesund to back this release.

September 2017 the band started to record their debut album. The first song of that album is to be released on 30.october, together with HBS first music video!
Musikk og tekst av Haunted By Silhouettes
Produsert av Per Kristian Grimsland
Spilt inn i Grimsland Records
Mikset av Per Kristian Grimsland
Mastret av Mike Kalajian

Haunted By Silhouettes er:
Stian Hoel Fossen - gitar
Per Kristian Grimsland - gitar
Ola Kjøren Nilsen - bass
Mathias Jamtli Rye - vokal
Håvard Bustad - trommer
Coverart av Stian Hoel Fossen

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