GIGSWAP - launch info



GIGSWAP developed to change the rules of booking

May 4th is the date for NAME release, and the launching of a “sign up page” for bands and artists who wants to be the first to get news and updates.

Starting today, May 4th, the platform is open for registration ww.gigswap.band

GIGSWAP is a brand new service and a social media for bands and artists worldwide in all genres. We believe the future of the music industry is to get connections. GIGSWAP will help you connect with other artists within your country, or the world. The idea is that you share your audience with another band within your genre. You can choose where you want to play a gig, in return you offer to play in your city,
We will provide you with a personal page and a band page where you can share your music and videos, and the best of all:
Where do you wanna play?
Is your dream to play in Tokyo, Berlin, New York or a city near you, We aim to help you get there !


NAME RELASE event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/595209260889828/

To get in touch:
Press/marketing-Nils Ivar Martila
+47 4691 9265

Web/layout/IT - Geir Høgås
+47 9088 3873


Instagram: igswap_live
Twitter: gigswap3

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