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"Armageddon Descends VI" festival announces the line-up and poster

Leading Baltic indoor underground metal and electronics festival "Armageddon Descends VI", which takes place April 12th - April 13th has announced its final line-up and poster.


Sixth edition of "Armageddon Descends" festival will host a wide variety of bands and artists from diverse geographical locations and musical backgrounds.

Avant-garde death metal band Ulcerate (New Zealand), a rare guest in Europe, will visit Lithuania to perform one of few select shows this spring. Critics and fans alike acknowledge this is currently one of the most innovative and technically interesting bands in the international metal scene. The renowned black/death metal duo Bölzer are set to accompany them on the headlining slot, and finally present their massive debut "Hero" to the Baltic audience with solid and powerful sound.

The festival will host a number of experimental acts. Among them is one of the most famous names in the global industrial music scene - Brighter Death Now. In contrast to the harsh soundscapes of the Swedes, Greek ritual dark ambient act Shibalba will put the listeners to tantric meditations through the darkest corners of the psyche with help of authentic instruments and auras.

Aforementioned acts will be joined by Lvcifyre (United Kingdom), Deus Mortem (Poland), Devouring Star (Finland), Fides Inversa (Italy), Outre (Poland), Morast (Germany) and Deceitome (Estonia), all of whom are well known for their cathartic performances. The organizers are also very glad to welcome French instrumental trio Aluk Todolo, who will ignite a stranger fire with their otherworldly vibrations. Finally, the listeners of the experimental music will appreciate the Greek mystical acoustic project The Dead Creed and cult local acts Budrūs (blackened drone), Tiese (psychedelic noise), and Arkhad (noise/industrial).

"Armageddon Descends" will also host two art exhibitions. The first one - a photography exhibition by a rising German photographer Void Revelations, who has been actively contributing to the underground. The second one, entitled "Negative States", will be held by French artist Jean Valnoir Simoulin (Metastazis). He will also bring with himself "Liberation Day", a movie about the first ever in history, rock gig in North Korea, contributed by Metastazis. According to Simoulin ""Negative States" is a collection of works designed in different contexts and fields contemplating on relentless explorations of the most negative, toxic, repulsive and frightening aspects of the human nature."

"Armageddon Descends VI" will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, at one of the most unique local venues "Kablys" (The Hook). The 6th edition of the festival will run for two days from Friday, April 12th to Saturday, April 13th with additional art exhibitions and film programs starting from Thursday, April 11th.

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