To Engender a Breakdown: A Worthless Collection of Scummy Poetry

To Engender a Breakdown cover.jpg

"To Engender a Breakdown" is a worthless collection of short yet horrible essays and poems by PICTURE ANN mastermind J.N. that will flush your day right down the toilet. Awful thoughts revolving around longing and loneliness are always at the forefront and course through the veins of this cursed thing at all times. It will ruin your day and leave you somewhere terrible. Then again, maybe not.

Perhaps the bitter and resentful tone of "To Engender a Breakdown" is just what you need and what you truly want and desire deep down inside? Regardless of whether you consider yourself a black metal scumbag or a pimple-faced geek, chances are that you will both love and loathe "To Engender a Breakdown".

The literary atrocity is available for Amazon Kindle (as well as smartphones, tablets and computers via Amazon's free Kindle app):

Cover photo by C.N.
Artwork/Layout by G. Owen Wears
Editorial help and invaluable contributions by D. Ponce

Music for moody suckers: https://floodgatemoodsproductions.bandcamp.com/


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