MORBID ANGEL til Norge (10/11)

(Radar booking & Blå)

Radar Booking presenterer:


fredag 10. november kl. 19:00

MORBID ANGEL line up 2017:

The founding member responsible for creating Morbid Angel in 1984. Trey is the mean mastermind behind the band's ever-evolving musical progression, eternally continuing to amaze the worldwide audience with his unmatched fretboard wizardry and out-of-this-world approach to songwriting.

Dan is the second guitarist in Morbid Angel, originally of the band VadimVon which toured as main support for MA during the Illud US run and the Covenant 20th Anniversary tours.


Originally joined MORBID ANGEL in 1996, making his debut with the band as bassist and vocalist on Formulas Fatal To The Flesh album and further on Gateways To Annihilation and Heretic albums. Steve's return to the band was announced in June of 2015, as the entire worldwide fanbase exploded with great excitement of things to come.


Scott is the new man behind the kit in the mighty Morbid Angel. A talented drummer, musician and producer, Scott is otherwise known to the incredible sticksman for bands such as Errorgeist and Annihilated. Recognized for his awesome skills, Scott is now the drummer for Morbid Angel.





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