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I can't remember exactly in what context I got curious enough to checkout Dirty Granny Tales' music, it must have been after seeing it promoted via the social media of Dark Bombastic Evening. But I know for sure that seconds after watching the first clip, I was totally in awe and I must have browsed through all the existing videos on youtube and bought the available albums shortly after. And listened to the music continously for many many days, probably months.

It was intriguing, fantastic, it was ugly and unfriendly, and dark and confusing, but it had such a nice vibe and an uncommon beauty that just put Dirty Granny Tales pretty high on my 'must see live' bands. It didn't happen until a couple of years after when the band was announced to play at Dark Bombastic Evening event in Alba Iulia, Romania, in August 2015, event where they'd perform the première of their new show - Telions Garden.

Since I was also pretty curious and intrigued to meed the brain(s) behind this beautiful manifestation of music and visual arts, I sent the band a message and we arranged a short talk with the main vocalist, Stavros, aka Mouldbreath, prior to the show in Romania. The first video below contains the audio part of the chat, combined with images filmed during an out of this world performance.

As the interview also touches subjects from other shows of Dirty Granny Tales and also to try to give you an idea of how complex their work is and how much effort their shows require, I'm adding links to two other promo videos from 'older' performances of the bands: Didi's show and Otherwordly.

Andre videoer:

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