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August 2013 brought me, for a long weekend, to the fortress of Alba Iulia, in the heart of Transylvania, in order to attend a fantastic event known by the name of Dark Bombastic Evening. The headlining spot of the last evening belonged to Vulture Industries together with Happy Gorilla Dancing Company, a combination that was instroduced to us as 'Turning Golem'. Few were the people who had any clue of what this was about, mainly since that was the first ever appearance of this kind. Besides, at that time, the band hadn't even released their 2013 album, The Tower, an album that is heavily used during the live performance and that might give you a clue on what to expect.
I recall that the day before the show, I watched the Vulture Industries and the Happy Gorillas walking funnily between a big projector and a fortress wall in order to produce awkward shadows. This was entertaining, but brought a lot of 'what's this?' questions. The next day I spent a lot of time during the earlier concerts wondering why the **** are there bricks placed around the monitors at the edge of the stage. My questions got answered during the one hour mind blowing performance. But few hundreds more new questions showed up while watching the energy unleashed on stage. How did they come up with it? What is it actually? Why was it so cool and breath taking?

That's why I decided to ask the band and the gorillas to allow me to invade their privacy prior to the second show of this kind, this time taking place in Bergen, in a bar called Garage. I took my video cameras, my friendly assistent and I went around asking questions, filming this and that and even more and experiencing the fantastic show one more time. The result of my chats with the people involved and the backstage images are available in this video. But if you scroll a bit more, you will find two live clips from two of the songs of the performance.

Andre videoer:

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