UGLY KID JOE will never be an adult

Av Andrea Chirulescu

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity for a phone chat with Ugly Kid Joe's vocalist, Whit Crane (interview that can be heard here - http://eternal-terror.com/articles/videos.php?id=1510), but I wished so much to meet face to face the tiny people who animated the TV screen during my childhood, that I insisted for a video interview prior to their concert in Oslo.

This text is written after attending the concert, and I must admit it was an experience way above any expectation. I was so often disappointed by 'childhood bands' who had either a boring show or an arrogant attitude on stage, that I was very impressed by the constant level of energy and good mood shown by everyone present on stage. So I can only hope their return to the music scene will last for a while now so that everyone gets a chance to attend a show or two.

Back to the interview, it was the band's guitarist and one of the forming members, Klaus Eichstad who took the time to answer my questions. We chatted about the current tour, album covers - current and past, and future plans. Unfortunatelly, the area where the interview took place was not the best lit one. But it was the most silent we found. Enjoy the chat!

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