RED HARVEST - Coffee break

Av Andrea Chirulescu

Red Harvest
har nettopp sluppet en 20-års versjon av "Hybreed" og i den forbindelsen fikk Eternal Terrors Andrea Chirulescu muligheten til en prat med Thomas and Erik.
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Av Andrea Chirulescu

I can't remember exactly in what context I got curious enough to checkout Dirty Granny Tales' music, it must have been after seeing it promoted via the social media of Dark Bombastic Evening. But I know for sure that seconds after watching the first clip, I was totally in awe and I must have browsed through all the existing videos on youtube and bought the available albums shortly after. And listened to the music continously for many many days, probably months.

It was intriguing, fantastic, it was ugly and unfriendly, and dark and confusing, but it had such a nice vibe and an uncommon beauty that just put Dirty Granny Tales pretty high on my 'must see live' bands. It didn't happen until a couple of years after when the band was announced to play at Dark Bombastic Evening event in Alba Iulia, Romania, in August 2015, event where they'd perform the première of their new show - Telions Garden.

Since I was also pretty curious and intrigued to meed the brain(s) behind this beautiful manifestation of music and visual arts, I sent the band a message and we arranged a short talk with the main vocalist, Stavros, aka Mouldbreath, prior to the show in Romania. The first video below contains the audio part of the chat, combined with images filmed during an out of this world performance.

As the interview also touches subjects from other shows of Dirty Granny Tales and also to try to give you an idea of how complex their work is and how much effort their shows require, I'm adding links to two other promo videos from 'older' performances of the bands: Didi's show and Otherwordly.

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Av Pagan Storm Radio
(Season of Mist)

Video interview with Sólstafir by Pagan Storm, during the band‘s first European headlining tour

MILAN - 28 November 2014 - Pagan Storm could not miss out on the first European headlining tour of Icelanders Sólstafir, crown jewel of Scandinavian post metal, attending their gig in Innsbruck, Austria, on November 22nd. The band presented their new album Ótta, whose enormous international success has already been acclaimed by a snowfall of positive reviews in the past few months, and confirmed by the many sold-out dates of this tour.

Before the concert - in our opinion one of the best live acts of 2014 for its emotional intensity, acoustic power and stage presence - frontman Aðalbjörn "Addi" Tryggvason agreed to speak for the cameras of Pagan Storm, revealing many details behind the band‘s enigmatic and supernatural music, and some juicy news.

What is the meaning, literal and symbolic, of Ótta? What are the reasons behind Sólstafir‘s new spiritual vein? What are their projects for 2015, twentieth anniversary of the Icelandic quartet? Find all the answers in our video interview.

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IN FLAMES - New album and beer

Av Șadan Ekdemir

The eleventh studio album signed by the Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames, has begun its journey sometime in August 2013 and has September 2014 as release date, followed by a bunch of live dates on various continents. It seems to have been a rather long process, but its length also gave the band members a chance to a much deserved holiday and some days away from the madness of the musical scene.

During one of those days, vocalist Anders Fridén sat down together with Eternal Terror's reporter Șadan Ekdemir and had a chat about the upcoming album, composing process, writing lyrics and brewing beer. Enjoy!
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Av Andrea Chirulescu

Eternal Terrors flyvende rumener Andrea Chirulescu har vært en liten tur i de finske skogene og der traff hun Carcass legenden Bill Steer.
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Av Paul Kearns

Eternal Terrors Paul Kearns inviterte Mille Petruzza (Kreator), Gary Holt (Exodus), Rob Cavestany (Death Angel) og Nick Melissourgos (Suicidal Angels) til en Triple Thrash Treat samtale i forkant av Thrashfest gigen på Betong i Oslo 7. desember 2010. Dette er del 2.
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Av Paul Kearns

Eternal Terrors Paul Kearns inviterte Mille Petruzza (Kreator), Gary Holt (Exodus), Rob Cavestany (Death Angel) og Nick Melissourgos (Suicidal Angels) til en Triple Thrash Treat samtale i forkant av Thrashfest gigen på Betong i Oslo 7. desember 2010. Dette er del 1.
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Av Andrea Chirulescu

August 2013 brought me, for a long weekend, to the fortress of Alba Iulia, in the heart of Transylvania, in order to attend a fantastic event known by the name of Dark Bombastic Evening. The headlining spot of the last evening belonged to Vulture Industries together with Happy Gorilla Dancing Company, a combination that was instroduced to us as 'Turning Golem'. Few were the people who had any clue of what this was about, mainly since that was the first ever appearance of this kind. Besides, at that time, the band hadn't even released their 2013 album, The Tower, an album that is heavily used during the live performance and that might give you a clue on what to expect.

I recall that the day before the show, I watched the Vulture Industries and the Happy Gorillas walking funnily between a big
projector and a fortress wall in order to produce awkward shadows. This was entertaining, but brought a lot of 'what's this?' questions. The next day I spent a lot of time during the earlier concerts wondering why the **** are there bricks placed around the monitors at the edge of the stage. My questions got answered during the one hour mind blowing performance. But few hundreds more new questions showed up while watching the energy unleashed on stage. How did they come up with it? What is it actually? Why was it so cool and breath taking?

That's why I decided to ask the band and the gorillas to allow me to invade their privacy prior to the second show of this kind, this time taking place in Bergen, in a bar called Garage. I took my video cameras, my friendly assistent and I went around asking questions, filming this and that and even more and experiencing the fantastic show one more time. The result of my chats with the people involved and the backstage images are available in this video. But if you scroll a bit more, you will find two live clips from two of the songs of the performance.

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UGLY KID JOE will never be an adult

Av Andrea Chirulescu

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity for a phone chat with Ugly Kid Joe's vocalist, Whit Crane (interview that can be heard here - http://eternal-terror.com/articles/videos.php?id=1510), but I wished so much to meet face to face the tiny people who animated the TV screen during my childhood, that I insisted for a video interview prior to their concert in Oslo.

This text is written after attending the concert, and I must admit it was an experience way above any expectation. I was so often disappointed by 'childhood bands' who had either a boring show or an arrogant attitude on stage, that I was very impressed by the constant level of energy and good mood shown by everyone present on stage. So I can only hope their return to the music scene will last for a while now so that everyone gets a chance to attend a show or two.

Back to the interview, it was the band's guitarist and one of the forming members, Klaus Eichstad who took the time to answer my questions. We chatted about the current tour, album covers - current and past, and future plans. Unfortunatelly, the area where the interview took place was not the best lit one. But it was the most silent we found. Enjoy the chat!

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KARNIVOOL - Asymmetry from OZ

Av Andrea Chirulescu

While there might not be a big amount of known Australian bands, and an even smaller amount who get to headline a tour in Europe, I believe that there's really good quality in the music and the shows of those who get to travel over the oceans and manage to attract a decent crowd on a Tuesday evening. Perth based KARNIVOOL belongs to this category of bands. I did enjoy their music a lot prior to the live show, but five minutes after they started playing, I couldn't stop 'wow'ing at what an awesome performance they deliver.

Luckily, prior to the concert, I got the chance to sit down with the band's bass player, Jon Stockman and chat a bit about the curent tour, about their 2013 release 'Asymmetry' and about what makes Karnivool's music so complex and a tad difficult to digest. Below you have a video recording of this chat.

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