MARC RIZZO (Soulfly) - I admire Satriani!!!!

Av Rune
(Roadrunner Records)

Oi, her traff vi muligens et sårt punkt når det gjelder Joe Satriani. Soulflys gitarist siden 2003 heter Marc Rizzo og han er tydeligvis fan av Joe Satriani. Stort mer er det dessverre ikke å få ut av denne karen. Her er The G-String Series og et usselt forsøk på bidrag fra Marc Rizzo fra Soulfly.
When did you start playing the guitar? In what age and which band was actually the one that made you wanting to grab a guitar and start playing?

I started playing guitar when I was 8. Led Zeppelin was the first band to make me wanna play.

What actually makes a guitarist unique? Feeling or technique? Many people for example cannot stand Satriani...who is absolutely a master when it comes to technique!

Feeling!!! And who can't stand Satriani??? People who don't like Satriani are loser morons. Satriani is the greatest. Dumb question!!

What was your first guitar? Do you still have it?

An acoustic guitar.

What kind of equipment do you use? Guitars...pick ups...amps...? Do you use different equipment in the studio and different while playing live? If yes then what is the reason?

BC Rich 7 string custom and Peavey Amps.

Construct the guitar of your dreams...brand, pick ups, strings..everything!

Vintage Fender Strat with an EMG Humbucker 81.

Now form the band of your dreams...with you participating of course...Which individuals you think would fit like a glove to your style?

Bruce Dickinson, Richard Christy and Geddy Lee.

Are you participating in the composing of your bands material or you're just a performer? How important is it for an artist to be able to express himself? I mean, if for example you were in a band only for performing someone else's musical themes...would you handle it not participating...not being able to express yourself?

I feel very expressed in all bands.

Have you ever run out of ideas while composing a new album? How did you fight it? What was the solution?

I never run out of ideas because I listen and learn from guys like Satriani.

Do you have endorsements? Do you think endorsements are important for an artist?

Peavey and BC Rich.

In all the years that you've been playing did something go totally wrong during a concert of yours? If yes, what was it? Please go ahead!

I broke a string once.

Ok then...thank you for answering these questions. One last thing now! Who is the guitarist that you admire or that you would like to "punish" by have him answering these same questions?

Thanks again and good luck with your project(s).

I admire Satriani!!!!





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