Video premiere: VULTURE INDUSTRIES - 'Something Vile'

Av Andrea Chirulescu
(Season of Mist)


-Video premiere-



 "Something vile"

From the forthcoming new album

"Stranger Times"

The Release Date

September 22, 2017

(Season of Mist)


The Formats

Digipack CD
Gatfold LP in various colors
The Pre-order

The Statement

VULTURE INDUSTRIES frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen comments on the new video:

"The track 'Something Vile' was a bit of a tough nut to crack, but in the end it turned into one of the most immediate songs on our new album. 'Something Vile' features the first ever lead vocals in VULTURE INDUSTRIES by another band member, namely guitarist Eivind, adding an extra dimension to this song.
The basic idea for the video was conceived on a sleepless night three day before the filming was scheduled to start. It tuned out extremely hard to get hold of the correct outfit on such a short notice. We finally got hold of one in a child's size, which forced us to change the designated lead actor for a smaller one who would fit into the costume. Luckily, my girlfriend was up for the task and turned out to be perfectly suited for the role. Enjoy!"

The Biography

The metal scene seems mired in stagnation all too often these days. The tenth edition of the great thrash revival, the never-ending race to be more brutal or more technical or more dissonant in death metal, and the rampant nostalgia of an ever-aging scene do not provide the necessary ingredients for progress and out of the box thinking. That is the very reason why rare bands such as VULTURE INDUSTRIES are so important.

The Norwegians' fourth album 'Stranger Times' continues and expands the band's quest to push the limitations of genre and sound. Their nine new tracks are as easily as masterfully spanning a wide range from dark rock to progressive-experimental metal, while keeping their wild roaming within the boundaries of the band's unique and bizarre sonic universe. Yet VULTURE INDUSTRIES manage to harness their bold mix into recognisable structures and meaningful songs throughout that do not shy away from catchiness and, quite importantly, do not fall into the trap of being weird just for the sake of experimentation.

VULTURE INDUSTRIES have emerged from the vibrant rock and metal scene of Bergen, the unofficial capital of Norway's west coast. Mostly associated with black metal, its rich music sphere in fact covers bands from all styles and directions. VULTURE INDUSTRIES drew inspiration from diverse acts such as FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, ARCTURUS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, VED BUENS ENDE and THE CULT, when they started out under the DEAD ROSE GARDEN moniker in 1993. After several line-up changes, the new name VULTURE INDUSTRIES was adopted in 2003 and two demo releases quickly followed - 'The Sleeper' (2003) and 'The Enemy Within' (2004).

Having stirred considerable interest in progressive circles, it was time to present their first official recording with the EP 'The Benevolent Pawn' (2005). Consisting of current and former members of SULPHUR, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, MALICE IN WONDERLAND, and SYRACH, VULTURE INDUSTRIES shouldered their way past the then-inactive ARCTURUS and the drifting ULVER towards the throne of Norwegian dark progressive metal with their two albums 'The Dystopia Journals' (2007) and 'The Malefactor's Bloody Register' (2010). The eclectic band from Bergen was more than ready to engage with avant-garde metal fans worldwide, which their next full-length 'The Tower' aptly proved in 2013. This release saw expanded touring and more performances at prestigious festivals around the globe.

Now VULTURE INDUSTRIES are presenting their most concise and compelling output so far. 'Stranger Times' is made out of hard-won experience and burning passion. Tune in, zone out, and enjoy!

 Bjørnar E. Nilsen: vocals, percussion & keyboard
 Øyvind Madsen: guitars
 Eivind Huse: guitars and vocals
 Kyrre Teigen: bass and vocals
 Tor Helge Gjengedal: drums

Guest musicians
 Herbrand Larsen: keyboard (on "Strangers")
 Hans Marius Andersen: trumpet (on "Strangers" and "The Beacon")

Recording & Mixing
 Bjørnar E. Nilsen & Edmond Karban, Conclave & Earshot Studios, Bergen, Norway

 Chris Sansom, Propeller Mastering, Oslo, Norway

Style: Avant-garde Rock & Metal

Cover art: Costin Chioreanu

 1. Tales of Woe (4:37)
 2. As the World Burns (5:22)
 3. Strangers (7:10)
 4. The Beacon (5:35)
 5. Something Vile (4:17)
 6. My Body, My Blood (2:27)
 7. Gentle Touch of a Killer (5:03)
 8. Screaming Reflections (5:32)
 9. Midnight Draws Near (5:20)

vi live.jpg


Regarding their upcoming tour, VULTURE INDUSTRIES stated: "This will be our most ambitious tour to date and we are of course looking enthusiastically forward to visit all of our favourite places and people again. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present material from our new album 'Stranger Times' in concert format. We will of course supplement this with favourites from our catalogue. We much appreciate everyone, who has requests for a song or two to stop by our Facebook and drop us a comment. Please feel cordially invited to let us know what you want to hear!"

 22 Sep 17 Hulen (NO) Bergen
 23 Sep 17 Good Omens (NO) Trondheim
 29 Sep 17 Checkpoint Charlie (NO) Stavanger (+Himmellegeme)
 30 Sep 17 Blå (NO) Oslo (+Himmellegeme)
 05 Oct 17 Duycker (NL) Hoofdorp (+Foscor)
 06 Oct 17 Mukkes (NL) Leeuwarden (+Foscor)
 07 Oct 17 Treibsand (DE) Lübeck (+Foscor)
 08 Oct 17 From Hell (DE) Erfurt (+Foscor +Kauan +Odroerir)
 09 Oct 17 Backstage (DE) München (+Foscor)
 10 Oct 17 Jungle Club (DE) Köln (+Foscor)
 11 Oct 17 Backstage (FR) Paris (+Foscor)
 12 Oct 17 Asgaard (BE) Gent (+Foscor)
 21 Oct 17 Flytten (NO) Haugesund (+Himmellegeme)
 09 Nov 17 Boston Music Room (UK) London  (+Code)
 10 Nov 17 Tiger Lounge (UK) Manchester (+Code)
 11 Nov 17 Audio (UK) Glasgow (+Code)
 15 Nov 17 Flying Circus (RO) Cluj
 16 Nov 17 Fabrica (RO) Bucharest
 17 Nov 17 Club Live & Loud (BG) Sofia
 18 Nov 17 tba (GR) Athens
 19 Nov 17 Eightball Club (GR) Thessaloniki
 20 Nov 17 Club Fest Zemun (RS) Belgrade
 22 Nov 17 Escape (AT) Wien
 23 Nov 17 Orto Bar (SK) Ljubljana
 24 Nov 17 Alchemica Music Club (IT) Bologna
 25 Nov 17 Mochvar (HR) Zagreb
 26 Nov 17 Pod Lampou (CZ) Pilsen 

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