MINAS – new album out

MINAS – new album out

MINAS – Norwegian prog rock – new album out today

With a name change, from MinasTirith to MINAS, the Norwegian prog rock act has boarded a new vocalist and is digitally releasing their debut album "Rigid Adherence". LP gatefold 180g is the only physical format that will be available



In 2015 Stian Kråbøl and Tony Kirkemo started jamming on new ideas and riffs intended for a reunion of their former band Minas Tirith. At the time Tony was busy with Chrome Division and Stian occupied with both Khold and Tulus. After a while it was evident that reuniting with Minas Tirith bass player/vocalist Frode Forsmo would be impossible. Before they got the chance to present him the new material, Frode announced he was withdrawing the music scene permanently. Since the sound of Minas Tirith was based on the unique musical chemistry between the three musicians, it was uncertain at this point that the material would end up as intended with a new vocalist and bassplayer. Still hungry to fullfill their creative outlet in this progressive musical landscape, after years of playing in other bands, Stian and Tony soon concluded to move on.

The search for the right replacement started and they found him in their inner circle of friends. Longtime friend and fellowmember of Tony in Chrome Division, Pål Mathiesen (Shady Blue/Athera) joined in on vocals. With his vocal range and musicality he was a perfect fit for this progressive style of metal. Together the new trio established a new sound which led the arrangements of the songs in new direction. With a new lineup and a change in sound they decided to change the name of the band to Minas, paying trubute to their heritage and at the same time signaling a new start. Allthough Minas is bringing a brand new sound to the metal scene, fans of Minas Tirith will certainly recognice some of the progressive elements in the new music.




In October 2018 the trio started the recording of their first album in H10 Productions studios in Oslo. Together with the eminent sound wizard, Lars Erik Westby they were set to capture the true energy and dynamics of the songs.

To be sure not to interfere with the established tightness between guitar and drums that were developed through many years of playing together, Stian recorded both the guitar and bass parts on the recording. For the forthcoming live shows the band will use a session bass player until a permanent member is in place.

The music of Minas is best described as a mix of different styles within the metal genre. With a philosophy of full musical creativity and not to limit themselves musically, the musicians finds inspiration from many different styles of music, yet always molding it into their own unique style of metal. This results in songs with intricate rythms and a powerful organic groove, catchy riffs and strong vocal melodylines.


Vocals: Pål Mathiesen (Chrome Division, Susperia, Borknagar)

Guitar & Bass guitar: Stian Kråbøl (Minas Tirith, Khold, Tulus, Sarke)

Drums & Percussion: Tony Kirkemo (Chrome Division, Minas Tirith, Old Mans Child)