MODUS K – to release debut album in October

MODUS K – to release debut album in October

Modus K releases debut album 11th of October

One of the many solo projects by Husmanskost grindcore guitarist Kai Andre Kofoed, Modus K is seen as his alter ego and will bring new focus on this projects for a while. The musician decided it is time for some cleanup in the unifinished projects and the music should get out there The albums will be everything from thrash/ambient/melodic/black/death/electronica

Here’s a little teaser

Having now 5 releases with Husmanskost and 4 with Pacestra, making it impossible to hold on to one genre.

As he was quoted in Husmanskost "Genres are not so important as long as the songs are well stitched together."

Modus K’s  "First of as a journey" is material that was recorded in 2016 and shows inspiration from artists such as  Devin Townsend, Ram-zet, The Algorithm