KRAKOW – video premiere

KRAKOW – video premiere



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The Release Date

August 31st, 2018

(Karisma Records)


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The Statement
This just might be our most political song to date. And as with our music it just ended up that way. The song is at first glance a visualisation of a wierd world gone sour. If you dig a little furter you will find pointers towards different warning signs about how we are slowly killing the planet.
The music is all about the riff, all about the riff man

The Biography

Six songs. Nine singers. Three guitarists. Two drummers. One bassist. KRAKOW is back with a new album, summarized in title as minus. The result of laborious and intense work over the course of a year, with two and a half albums’ worth of music chiselled down to one perfected collection of songs, the band is finally ready to reveal details of its upcoming album.

With themes spanning from outer space to the hidden worlds deep below, travelling in time from distant future to nearer past like an inverted space odyssey, we are taken on a journey through stories, as much a reflection of those we tell as a revelation of those we won’t.

Stunning visually, a complete physical design inspired by the music and defined by the patterns that shaped those songs, the vinyl and CD editions promise to be gems as suited to the stereo as to the shelf above it.

And the music, as always stretching towards the outer borders of any attempted genre definition covers the heavy, the subtle, the melodic, the atonal, the groovy, the absolutely ungroovy, the dense, the airy, the naked, and, always, always, that wall of sound where no light can escape before the singer stands there alone with his last story. There are guests, they bring glitz and rock n’ roll as well as a grounding force towards the mountain core. There is beauty, and there is rotten decay, like a lush forested island in a lake of septic water. There are monsters and there are saints, and none of them reveal themselves, we must find those cracks on our own.

It’s a collection of contradictions, is what we’re saying. It’s a KRAKOW album.

Krakow will be on tour with Enslaved & High on Fire on the following dates

29.09.2018    København/Danmark – Pumpehuset
30.09.2018    Poznan/Polen – U Bazyla
01.10.2018    Warsaw/Polen – Proxima
02.10.2018    Leipzig/Tyskland – UT Connewitz
03.10.2018    Esch-sur-alzette/Luxembourg – Kulturfabrik
04.10.2018    Breda/Nederland – Mezz
06.10.2018    Norwich/England, UK – Waterfront
07.10.2018    Sheffield/England, UK –  Plug
08.10.2018    Manchester/England, UK – Academy 2
09.10.2018    Dublin/Irland – Tivoli
10.10.2018    Belfast/Northern Ireland, UK – Limelight
12.10.2018    Birmingham/England, UK – Asylum
13.10.2018    Antwerp/Belgia – Desertfest
14.10.2018    Bristol/England, UK – SWX
15.10.2018    London/England, UK – The Dome
16.10.2018    Paris/Frankrike – La Machine du moulin rouge
20.10.2018    Bergen/Norway – Hulen (Only Krakow)


The Track List

1. black wandering sun    
2. sirens   
3. the stranger   
4. from fire, from stone   
5. minus
6. tidlaus 

Video by: Esteban Sebastián Farias


The Line Up

Frode Kilvik
René Misje
Kjartan Grønhaug
Ask Ty Arctander


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