OMNIUM GATHERUM klar for Norgesturne i mai

OMNIUM GATHERUM klar for Norgesturne i mai


Det finske melodiøse death metal bandet OMNIUM GATHERUM kommer til Norge i begynnelsen av mai. De blir å finne på Karmøygeddon i Kopervik på himmelspretten torsdag 10. mai og krydrer besøket med enkeltkonserter på nyåpnede Hjorten Scene i Trondheim dagen før og på Blå i Oslo dagen etter. Bandet har med seg islandske Skálmöld og sine landsmenn i Stam1na som support på turneen.


09. mai – Trondheim – Hjorten Scene
10. mai – Karmøygeddon Metal Festival
11. mai – Oslo – Blå


Trondheim: Kjøp her
Karmøygeddon er utsolgt på torsdagen
Oslo: Kjøp her


OMNIUM GATHERUM classify their style of music as "Adult Oriented Death Metal". Since forming the band, the six-piece have evolved their view on what melodic death metal can be and what it is able to achieve. In this regard, "Grey Heavens" goes beyond what its predecessor albums had offered. Adult Oriented is paraphrasing the discreet, intelligent, and constructive songwriting that OMNIUM GATHERUM have deeply internalized.

The Scandinavians are best known for playing pure northern metal with breathtaking melodies and superior grace, while sticking to the heavy edge of the death metal, OMNIUM GATHERUM once started with. "Grey Heavens" naturally follows the introduced path, and also expands the overall picture – once again. This album represents forward-thinking melodic metal with continuative hints reaching from prog to AOR. In other words: the Finns are acting without reservation to create an integrated heavy sound, which speaks through emotion and multilayered hymns.

Formed in 1996, OMNIUM GATHERUM released albums on Nuclear Blast, Candlelight, and Rage Of Achilles. In cooperation with German LIFEFORCE RECORDS, the Finns provided "New World Shadows" in 2011 and "Beyond" in 2013. The band toured most of the world several times, including tours alongside Dark Tranquillity, Swallow The Sun, Nile, Grave, Entombed, Caliban, Insomnium etc.

Jukka Pelkonen (vocals) comments: "The new album is wonderful & I must say I’m so proud of this latest achievement – It is definitely the best OG album yet. Of course it is always easy to say that but this time it is so true. It combines the history of OG in a way that once again brings something new and fresh to the table. Lyrically it also pushes the listener to a place which gives one really something to think about. The majesty which is the turbulence entangles with the mystery of silence and together they form life. That is what we experience each and every day. The album is a fast, catchy, melodic and brutal. What more one could want?"

Markus Vanhala (guitar): "I’m really proud of how the "Grey Heavens" album came to life (or death), even the previous "Beyond" album and tours set the bar and stakes sky-high. This album was maybe the most difficult album ever for me to do, boosted or anti-boosted with some life turbulence but all’s well that ends well! Some mixed emotions were captured and soul was bled into this music and it was made like there would be no tomorrow in sight. It’s all there, the sadness and the joy, the aggression & the tenderness and the frailty of a human mind. The album includes turbo loaded output, and again a bit more catchy and more aggressive song writing painted with all shades of grey, still in the sophisticated Omnium Gatherum way!"


2003 – "Spirits and August Light"
2004 – "Years in Waste"
2007 – "Stuck here on Snakes Way"
2008 – "The Redshift"
2011 – "New World Shadows"
2013 – "Beyond"
2016 – "Grey Heavens"
2018 – Nytt album kommer sensommeren


OMNIUM GATHERUM "Blade Reflections" lyric video


Kort om supportbandene:

Skálmöld kommer fra Reykjavik på Island. De ble dannet i 2009 og det seks mann store bandet sverger til viking/folk metal. Islendingene har gitt ut fire fullengdere så langt. Deres siste var «Vögguvísur Yggdrasils» fra 2016. Nytt album er under innspilling og planlagt release er satt til september i år.

Stam1na ble dannet i 1996 i Klemis, Finland og de spiller progressiv thrash metal på finsk. Har sju fullengdere på samvittigheten der deres foreløpig siste «Elokuutio» kom i 2016.



Det vil komme et intervju med Omnium Gatherum her på Eternal Terror Live i løpet av kort tid. Det vil også komme Omnium Gatherum quiz en av de første dagene der du kan vinne billetter til konsertene i Trondheim og Oslo + Meet & Greet på alle tre konsertene. Du må ha billett/festivalpass til Karmøygeddon for å vinne der.