GRÁ – debuts first single from upcoming album

GRÁ – debuts first single from upcoming album

Swedish black metal group GRÁ will be releasing their highly anticipated third album "Väsen" through Carnal Records at the tail end of April, 2018.

INVISIBLE ORANGES premieres the first single "Krig" from the upcoming opus, it can be streamed on the band’s Bandcamp page

"Listening to this is akin to rediscovering black metal all over again." — Jon Rosenthal, Invisible Oranges

Heljarmadr the vocalist/guitarist quotes: "We decided to let the fans decide which track to release as the first single of our new album "Väsen". They went for "Krig" which is a good representative for the essence of the album. It’s one of the slower tracks but has the intensity intact which flows throughout the whole album. It’s also the longest track and we’re pretty sure that older fans will feel completely at home with it. Enjoy! "

GRÁ was founded in 2010 by Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Cursed 13, Domgård) and Dimman in Stockholm. In a time where many bands want to be compared with their idols, GRÁ walks a different path where exploration and breaking new grounds are the keystones. That is the greatest tribute to the past, to walk your own path and be a leader, not a follower of trends.

Upon two albums and numerous short releases, it is now time for the third album, “Väsen”. It is also time to follow up on the previously successful tours around Europe, starting with the Eradication Festival in Cardiff, Wales in May 2018.



"Väsen" marks a new era for GRÁ. Free from the concept of the previous releases, GRÁ returns with an album more varied than ever and with the will to explore outside the borders of the narrow-minded so called black metal scene where most seem to have forgotten to include the part that makes it BLACK. Shepherded by the inhumane, raspy voice, the opus "Väsen" offers the co-existence of momentous harmonies and horrisonant riffs, spasmodic appearances of ghastly keyboard textures, penetrating mid-paced drumming and vein vibrating basslines. Sustaining the ethos of the classic black metal forces, the Swedish entity plumps for unworldly songwriting structures, full of vim and vigor, at the same time unadulteratedly malignant.

"Väsen" will be released through Swedish label Carnal Records on CD & Digital formats on April 27, LP will be out this Fall 2018.

Upcoming Event: JUNE 01, 2018, Belsepub, Gothenburg, Sweden

Track list:
 1. Till Sörjerskorna
 2. King Of Decay
 3. Hveðrungs Mær
 4. Krig
 5. Gjallarhorn
 6. Dead Old Eyes
 7. The Devil’s Tribe
 8. Väsen

Album Credits:
Heljarmadr: Vocals, main guitars, keyboards
Dimman: Drums, keyboards
Maugrim: Backing guitars
Vediger: Bass

Väsen was recorded during 2017 and 2018 at "The Grey Studios", Stockholm.
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Heljarmadr Productions.
Cover artwork by Axel Torvenius (Art director of Machine Games, recently most known for the award winning video game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus).
Band photos by Soile Siirtola.
Logo by Luciana Nedelea.
Rune symbol by AirikR.
Sleeve photo by Heljarmadr.

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