RADIO HAZE – new video from upcoming album

RADIO HAZE – new video from upcoming album


RADIO HAZE leave their own original mark on today’s map of rock music. Far from the still prevailing wave of contemporary retro-rock that is already on the verge of drowning itself in repetitive monotony, these three musicians from Abensberg/Regensburg/Nürnberg are creating a multidimensional “Haze-Rock”. Nostalgic blue notes turn – in interaction with lively drum beats and a pose-free singing – into handmade modernity.

Since their 2009 debut “Vitamin R/Mycelium”, RADIO HAZE have released “The Growth” in 2010, “Momentum” in 2014 and several EPs until 2016 but have left us waiting ever since for a new full album. That wait is finally over now and RADIO HAZE have used the time well and wisely: They’ve taken all their experiences, good and bad, and their personal struggles of the last few years to some sort of higher mental ground, a place for all the repressed thoughts and feelings that make one feel uneasy. To inject actual life into their fourth album “Mountains”, they visited that place often, reflected on what’s there and ultimately processed everything into a strong source for inspiration.

As a result, “Mountains” is a metaphor for all the obstacles they had to climb. The album turned out to be a simple rock record as we love it. Vintage-sounds create multiple acoustic dimensions, which make you think there is a band playing right in front of you when you close your eyes and listen to the songs.

There are no attempts to catch the listener’s attention with anything other than the music. No bass riff suppressed. No drum line asphyxiated by overly compressed guitar tracks. No singer posing and screaming due to a compulsive-neurotic need for exclusive attention either. All in all, it’s a well-rounded, timeless product, recorded live with just the right amount of overdrive, great sounding speakers and thoughtfully placed microphones in the new Slash Zero Studio owned by producer and bassist Robert “Hubi” Hofmann. “Mountains” takes you on a unique musical journey through elegant (heavy) rock, brilliant songwriting and gorgeous psychedelic sounds and represents the new energy the band gained facing years of life’s ups and downs together as an excellent team.

Just one more thing: 180g heavyweight vinyl in supersweet gatefold packaging – Hell yeah!



RADIO HAZE  – "Mountains" tracklist
1. Have Mercy On Me
2. Paranoise
3. Silhouette*
4. From Birth To Cemetery*
5. The Weight Of Love
6. Consumed By The Fire
7. Lay My Hopes Across The Sea*
8. Chasing Gaslights
9. Into The Ether
10. Mountains

*listening recommendation (Why the heck is it so damn hard to pick them this time?!?)

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered 2017 @ Slash Zero Studio Abensberg by Hubi Hofmann (

Recording Musicians:

Philipp Janoske: Vocals / Guitars
Robert "Hubi" Hofmann: Bass / Backup Vocals / add.
Guitars Michael "Air" Hofmann: Drums / Backup Vocals / Keys


Vocals, Guitars: Philipp Janoske
Bass, Vocals, add. Guitars: Robert “Hubi” Hofmann
Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Organ, Piano, Clavinet: Michael “Air” Hofmann