THE MELVINS release Pinkus Abortion Technician on April 20th

THE MELVINS release Pinkus Abortion Technician on April 20th

The Melvins return with the new album Pinkus Abortion Technician (April 20th, Ipecac Recordings), featuring both ongoing Melvins’ bass player Steven McDonald (Redd Kross, OFF!) and Butthole Surfers’, and occasional Melvins’, bottom ender Jeff Pinkus on bass.

“With our upcoming release, we double your bass player with Steven McDonald AND Jeff Pinkus holding down the bottom,” explains Dale Crover. "It’s an experiment in the low end of the aural spectrum where we asked ourselves, ‘would it work?’ ‘could it work??’ ‘should it work???’ The answers were yes, yes and YES!”

“We’ve never had two bass players. We’ve had two drummers and two guitar players so it makes total sense to now have two bass players", adds Buzz Osborne. “We’ll be taking this two-prong bass attack on the road as well which should prove to be interesting. Pinkus Abortion Technician is a radically great record and was a stone groove to record. We drank a lot of coffee and enjoyed each other’s company. I like Steven and Jeff a great deal. I admire their bass playing and singing and both of them can grill a mean steak.”




Pinkus Abortion Technician tracklist:
 1. Stop Moving To Florida
 2. Embrace The Rub
 3. Don’t Forget To Breathe
4. Flamboyant Duck
 5. Break Bread
 6. I Want To Hold Your Hand
 7. Prenup Butter
 8. Graveyard

“Stop Moving To Florida” is a medley of the James Gang’s “Stop” and Butthole Surfers’ “Moving To Florida,” the band also covers the Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and Butthole Surfers’ “Graveyard” on the eight-song release. Pre-orders will be announced soon.

The band has also simultaneously announced a 10-week North American tour, that will feature the Melvins as a four-piece with both Pinkus and McDonald joining Osborne and Crover.European tour dates are being planned and will be announced when ready.