CRYPTS OF DESPAIR – New song premiere

CRYPTS OF DESPAIR – New song premiere

Aftter having had signed with Testimony Records, Lithuanian Death Metallers CRYPTS OF DESPAIR now premiere a new song from their debut full-length "The Stench Of The Earth" which will be released on 24th November 2017 on CD and LP (limited to 300 copies).

The song can be heard on Testimony Records’ bandcamp page:

Originally founded in 2009, CRYPTS OF DESPAIR was fully revived in 2016 and evolved into a heavier and darker sound reinforced by an unusual approach of using two fully fledged vocalists with lyrical themes that include disgust and hatred towards humanity, death worship and the occult.

Another track entitled "Dead Light" and pre-order options are available at this location:





1. The Stench Of The Earth
2. Path To Vengeance
3. Pits Of Endless Torment
4. 77
5. Fleshless Eternity
6. Enslaved In Blasphemy
7. Possessed By Astral Parasites
8. Ravage The Earth
9. Monuments Of Fear
10. Dead Light