HANGING GARDEN – New ‘Elysium’ single/video

HANGING GARDEN – New ‘Elysium’ single/video

Watch the brand new lyric video for ‘Elysium’ from the forthcoming album “I Am Become” by the masters of Finnish melancholia HANGING GARDEN!

HANGING GARDENS’s fifth full-length album, I am Become, focuses thematically on an inexorable aspect of life – as well as it’s antonym: death. The approach to the theme is personal – the feelings of loss, yearning, and cherishing the deeds and words of those no longer here. The songs contain epitaphs and obituaries in the band’s native tongue, to keep the full meaning and connotations of the words intact. The powerful voices of familiar guests vocalists from bands such as AMORPHIS and AMORAL can also be heard on the album, adding to its dark and compelling atmosphere.

The album brings forth an array of tunes both serene and somber, and continues the bands aesthetic play of light and dark, further developing their journey of different soundscapes.


"I Am Become" out October 27 on Lifeforce Records

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Hanging Garden was given birth in 2004, playing heavy, doom-oriented metal music. Over a decade, three albums and numerous line-up changes later, the bands style has evolved to a more melodic, contemporary sound. While still retaining strong roots in metal music, Hanging Garden now possesses a versatile, many-layered style of playing, drawing influence and inspiration from music and art far and wide.


Band Members
Mikko Kolari – Guitar
Jussi Hämäläinen – Guitar
Nino Hynninen – Keyboards
Toni Toivonen – Vocals
Jussi Kirves – Bass
Sami Forsstén – Drums