Full album stream: MORTALITY – For Whom the Bomb Tolls

Full album stream: MORTALITY – For Whom the Bomb Tolls


Proudly presents the full album stream of



"For Whom the Bomb Tolls"



Release date: January 27, 2017

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Mortality was a Swedish thrash metal band from the late 80:s and early 90:s. I was the singer and guitar player in that band.
Back then we released 3 demos and the most famous of those were the second one called "The Prophecy". It sold over 2000 copies thats quite good for a tape cassette. Now I have decided to take up what we left behind and bring Mortality back to life again. Right now its just me Danne thats running this but that will probably change soon. Mortality is 100 % pure old school thrash metal with tunes from the late 80:s early 90:s. This is some old school thrash metal. Influences are very early Metallica and Slayer.

Mortality ( Demo released 1988)
Danne Andersson Lead Guitar,Lead Vocals and Bass
Peter Rosen Lead Guitar,Backing vocals
Tobbe Pettersson Drums

The Prophecy (Demo released 1990)
Danne Andersson Lead Guitar,Lead Vocals
Peter Rosen Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals
Sammy Wendelius Bass
Tobbe Pettesrsson Drums

When Barbarity Reigns (Demo released 1991)
Danne Andersson Lead Vocals
Peter Rosen Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals
Magnus Larsson Lead Guitar
Sammy Wendelius Bass
Tobbe Pettersson Derums

For Whom The Bomb Tolls (Full length album released 2016)
Members for now
All guitars – Danne Andersson
Bass – Danne Andersson
All vocals -Danne Andersson
Drums – Danne Andersson

All music and lyrics written by: Danne Andersson
Recorded and mixed by Danne Andersson at Morgree studios in Stockholm year 2016.






1. For Whom the Bomb Tolls 04:19
2. Damnation 03:42
3. Son of a Gun 04:37
4. Madness of Devotion 04:00
5. Dead by Dawn 04:17
6. Tyrant 04:32
7. Diciples of War 03:01
8. Mortality Will Strike Again 03:15
9. Down by Law 03:12
10. The End 05:54






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