FAUSTIAN DRIPFEED – Be quick or be death

FAUSTIAN DRIPFEED – Be quick or be death

1- The name?

Faustian Dripfeed is something I (Bjørnar) came up with in my spare-time. The word Faustian is derived from Goethes character Faust who made a deal with the devil. Drip feed is getting fed intravenous. So combined these two words mean something like getting some devilish death metal music pumped directly into your veins. There is a somewhat ironic or humoristic undertone to the bandname. Traditionally rock n’ roll was said to be the devils music so I guess death metal also is. Our music is after all a little "fandenivoldsk"

2- Who?

The band consist of me-Bjørnar (vocals,guitars), Mikael (vocals) and Pål (guitars). We have been friends for a long time and have played in bands together before. Mikael is also the vocalist in another death metal band called Dawn of Retaliation

3- Why?

Death metal has for a long time been my favorite extreme metal genre and when I sit down to write riffs I have a tendency to create death metal’ish riffs. I also like the dark humor you can put into the lyrics and the dark melodic and groovy guitar-work. Although we also have som other influences from i.e black metal, especially on some of our new material.

4- Inspiration?

Bands like Blood Red Throne, Illdisposed, Vehemence, and Cannibal Corpse. A lot of the groovy and old-school death metal stuff. Although inspiration comes from good music in general, also black metal and more traditional rock n’ roll.

5- Lyrics?

The lyrics can deal with different things but a murder case is very likely to be portrayed. We try to keep the lyrics entertaining and also throw in a good dose of dark humor. For example, one song is about the OJ Simpson murder case. Instead of just focusing on all the gore we also mention things like the insanely big shoeprints found at the scene, a smitten judge, sloppy treatment of evidence and a rumor saying they found a fake-mustache in his runaway-car. Fun-facts like that.
Another song "Chris Hansen BBQ" is about Chris Hansen and his infamous show "To Catch a Predator". He lures sex offenders, or potential sex offenders if you will, into a trap and exposes them on live TV, thus a Chris Hansen barbeque. In his quest for high viewer ratings he’s sort of like a devil and a saint at the same time.


6 – Album?

Yes, we are planning to release an album next year. We have most of the material ready and will start recording this fall. Hopefully we will release it in co-operation with a label.

7 – Live?

We want to play live and want to recruit a drummer so we can start administering some faustian dripfeed on stage.

8 – Buy or die?

Death – The Sound of Perseverance (Yup!)
Vehemence – God Was Created (A melodic death metal gem!)
Macabre – Dahmer (Good example of the dark humor I have mentioned about 100 times)
Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Existence (Deathgrind, gosh dang this is great!)
Blood Red Throne – Altered Genesis (Norwegian death metal alibi and a "smorgasbord" of killer riffs)

9 – Future?

As I mentioned before we are working on new material for an album. I’m still on a roll creatively so new music is pratically being made as we speak. We want to play live and are only a drummer short of that happening!

10 – Faustian Dripfeed on the great world wide web


Our CD can also be bought through our bandcamp site, and is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.