New song: DRAUGNIM – A Passage in Fire

New song: DRAUGNIM – A Passage in Fire




"A Passage in Fire"


From the forthcoming full length



Released by:
Debemur Morti Productions

March 11, 2016

<a href="" mce_href="">Vulturine by DRAUGNIM</a>
Special limited edition LP
Handnumbered to 66 copies
Regular LP

After a cruel absence of 6 long years, DRAUGNIM are finally back with a bombastic new album to exceed all our expectations!

During the seemingly endless silence, the band lost none of their incomparable ability to compose huge songs possessed of an incredible emphatic feeling, filled with poignant harmonies and evocatively powerful riffs.

There is truly no better way to describe this absorbing album than epic. These fabulous hymns of triumphant grandeur catch the listener’s imagination, transporting them on a fascinating and unforgettable journey to the dreamlike heart of majestic Northern landscapes.

Since the sad end of BATHORY, only a select few bands have proven capable of creating such sublime and solemn music. DRAUGNIM have assumed the mantle of legends, creating an essential addition to the collection of any atmospheric and melodic Black Metal fan.




1. That Name Is Hate 07:53
2. As in Hunger, So in Demise 08:00
3. A Passage in Fire 06:00
4. Grief Unsung 08:15
5. Drums of Black Death 07:15
6. Serpent Stone 08:58


Turms Bass
Morior Guitars, Keyboards
Chimedra Vocals


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