Purified in Blood til Kvarteret torsdag 8. oktober

Purified in Blood til Kvarteret torsdag 8. oktober

Bergen Realistforening presenterer: Purified in Blood!

Two years after releasing «Under Black Skies», Purified in Blood is now ready to unleash yet another monster; «Flight Of A Dying Sun». This time around the album will be released via the infamous Indie Recordings. The band is excited to be a part of the Indie family.

Their previous album «Under Black Skies» got overwhelming critics and the band is widely known to deliver the goods live as well. If there’s one thing Purified in Blood looks forward to, it’s touring with these new, crushing songs. Destroying city after city with Norwegian metal.

Taking their sound to a new level, the band is very pleased with the outcome of this new recording. They have a newfound intensity inspired by their early days. Mixing the hard with the groovy this album has the variety listeners will find interesting and heavy. «Flight Of A Dying Sun» is recorded and produced by Danish juggernaut Jacob Bredahl and mixed and mastered by the metal legend Tue Madsen; the heaviest combo known to man.

Bill. kr. 160/220,- (Student/Ordinær). 20 år leg. 18 år med studentbevis/forhåndskjøpt billett
Billetter: https://rf.ticketco.no/purified_in_blood
Dørene åpner kl. 21.00.

Av Jon Petter Kaalaas