BLASTFEST 2015 – komplett lineup + info om onsdagen

BLASTFEST 2015 – komplett lineup + info om onsdagen

Det er mye unormalt med BLASTFEST. Ikke nok med at festivalen er på vinteren. De klarer på andre året og dra inn en meget imponerende lineup og den har de like godt klar og offentliggjort hele fire måneder før festivalstart. Der kan mange andre lære litt.

Linepen ble komplett i kveld da GRIMFIST, SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH og WATAIN ble klare. Sistnevnte er sammen med SATYRICON og AT THE GATES headlinere.

Nytt av året er at en fjerde dag er innført og denne vil inneholde konserter på Garage og et ekte metallbåtcruise med livemusikk, mat og drikke.




Blastfest Announce First Day Lineup & Fjord Cruise

Fancy a cruise on the Norwegian fjords? 

Blastfest are doing it in true KVLT style with metal up your sea born asses! Earlier this month the festival organisers announced the addition of an extra day to kick things off a day earlier. We can now reveal that this day will start on Bergen’s finest party boat, Showline, during the day. The ship sets sail at 1pm and rides into the sunset.

Four bands have been picked to make it special and there will also be a very special DJ who will entertain revellers on this fine ship. Food and drinks will be available on board and the organisers have promised great surroundings throughout the 5 hour cruise.

Sail the seas where the Vikings left for battle, where medieval kings conquered new lands and where the 2nd World War came to Norway. Dramatic history and beautiful landscapes will now be the setting for METAL!

After the cruise, the ship will dock back in Bergen city where everyone will head over to Bergen’s beloved venue, Garage Bergen, to continue the party with 6 more bands blasting into the night. The festival have confirmed Bergen’s best party band headlining and a hard hitting brutal lineup to make you ‘rock out with your cock out’ when it all comes to an end.

Welcome to ‘the new beginning’, welcome to the fjords, put your Viking helmet on and let’s conquer the seas.

Lineup (Showline – Fjord Cruise)
The 3rd Attempt
Purple Hill Witch

Lineup (Garage Bergen)
Bömbers – The Ultimate Motörhead Tribute
Naer Mataron
The Sickening

Tickets for this event are separate to the main festival days (February 19-21, 2015) and are available here:






Blastfest Announce Final Bands Including Final Headliner Watain

The lineup announcements had to come to an end eventually and today Blastfest have revealed the final 3 bands to the main lineup. But that’s not to say what you see on the burgeoning Blastfest poster is all that’s happening. No, no, no, there will be more!

There’s already a lineup that would bring tears to the eyes of even the toughest metalhead with bands such as Demilich, Satyricon, Decapitated, Paradise Lost, At The Gates & Moonsorrow… and just last week a cruise up the Norwegian fjords with live bands was announced as part of the first days festivities. We still have to hear more… the clinics, the stand up comedy, the exhibitions, and lots more have yet to be revealed!

For now, let’s leave this here… Sweden’s Uppsala upstarts, the black metal powerhouse, the entity of its own who released possibly their best work to date just last year with ‘The Hunt’, yes, the mighty Watain have been announced as another Blastfest 2015 headliner. The festival has also welcomed Austria’s sickest death metal export Schrinec Plays Pungent Stench and Bergens blackened deaththrash horde Grimfist.

Are you sworn to the black? Well, then you’ll be happy to hear that the final Blastfest headliner for the sophomore edition of the festival will be none other than the Swedish legions of the black light, Watain! Prepare yourself for fire, brimstone, and the real deal; carcasses, blood, foul stench and hatred in abundance. Lawless darkness commence!

Schrinec Plays Pungent Stench
Blastfest bring you a nice little platter of splatter! Schrinec Does Pungent Stench! They will be playing the twisted material from the Austrian cult band’s first three albums. Basically there’s going to be some proper old school death metal coming your way.


Norwegian Grimfist released two highly-acclaimed albums around the turn of the century, and seemed to disappear into obscurity not long after. But lately, they’ve been at it again, flying high the banner of brutality! At Blastfest 2015 they will be doing their first show in eight years with an as-of-yet still undisclosed new lineup. You’re probably in for yet another all-star Norwegian ensemble!

Alfahanne | Aspherium | Asphyx | At The Gates | Baptism | Blood Red Throne | Bolzer | Bömbers | Borknagar | Byfrost | Craft | Crib45 | Cryptopsy | Dark Funeral | Dark Tranquility | Dead To This World | Decapitated | Demilich | Den Saakaldte | Djevelkult | Destroyer 666 | Destruction | Endstille | Esoteric | Falloch | Finntroll | Gehenna | Grimfist | Hecate Enthroned | Impaled Nazarene | Kall | Melechesh | Moonsorrow | Morgoth | Naer Mataron | Orange Goblin | Paradise Lost | Primordial | Purple Hill Witch | Rotting Christ | Samael | Sarke | Sarkom | Satan | Saturnus | Satyricon | Schrinec Plays Pungent Stench | The Sickening | Tortorum | Tsjuder | Vallenfyre | Watain | Winterfylleth | Wyruz

Check out the Official Blastfest Spotify Playlist

Blastfest will be held 18-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.

4 Days | 4 Venues | 60 Bands | Exhibitions | Clinics | Stand Up Comedy | Tattoo Convention | Theme DJ’s

Tickets on sale now: