Exclusive: FRONTAL – Death Eaters

Exclusive: FRONTAL – Death Eaters




"Death Eaters"

Released by:
Klonosphere Records (May 23th, 2014)


Following a highly successful EP released in 2009 and several gigs supporting acts like Lamb of God, Sepultura, Devildriver and Municipal Waste among many others, FRONTAL are now ready to hit the modern death metal scene with their brutal and punishing debut full-length, "Death Eaters".

Be prepared for a full frontal and punishing assault on the senses as "Death Eaters" contains eleven tracks full of groove and brutality, featuring a pummelling, machine-gun drumming, guttural vocals and fiery riffs that oscillate between some impressive technical parts and extremely catchy moments. This five-piece from Lyon, France take tech-death and add some Lamb of God-style groove, striking the perfect balance of straightforward and progressive elements. Fans of groups such as Whitechapel, All Shall Perish and the aforementioned Lamb of God will be deeply impressed with the levels of energy, muscle and execution displayed throughout these eleven tracks.

Recorded at Record Did’Studio by Olivier Didillon and Frontal, Death Eaters is catchy, technical, heavy and it hammers your eardrums with a ruthless brutality.


Listen to the album here: