OVERTORTURE – At The End The Dead Await

OVERTORTURE – At The End The Dead Await

This Swedish five piece act contains current and former members of Grave, Incision, and Coldworker to name but a few. Overtorture on their debut album "At the End the Dead Await" perform a relentless death metal attack with these 10 songs, injecting low tuned guitar harmonies on "Slave to the Atom" and an evil swing spirit through "Targets" where drummer Fredrik Widigs levels his China crash cymbal to the ground.

Vocalist Joel Fornbrant delivers words with raw low precision, rhythmic on speedier fare like "The Strain" and measured with deliberate emphasis on "Towards the Within". Overtorture balance out the faster Vomitory/Bloodbath riffing with this slower but still brutal rhythm sensibility that has made Grave and Bolt Thrower so important through the years. "Suffer As One" emphasizes both spectrums in sound- shifting easily from overdrive to ‘wall of death’ / pit moving parts within seconds.

Expect buckets of sweat to drain from every pore after taking in this death platter.