MANIFEST ut på tur med MASTER

MANIFEST ut på tur med MASTER

MANIFEST on EUROPEAN TOUR  November/December 2012!

Headbangers unite! We are excited to announce that MANIFEST are joining death metal legends MASTER (US) on their upcoming OUT OF CONTROL EUROPEAN TOUR 2012. Also appearing will be Italian thrashers COMA.


NOVEMBER 22 K 17, Berlin – Germany
NOVEMBER 23 TBA, Austria
NOVEMBER 24 Klub Unterhund, Ormoz – Slovenia
NOVEMBER 25 TBA, Austria
NOVEMBER 26 Blue Rose Saloon, MIlano – Italy
NOVEMBER 27 Freakout Club, Bologna – Italy
NOVEMBER 28 Sudterranea, Napoli – Italy
NOVEMBER 29 Sidro Club, Rimini – Italy
NOVEMBER 30 Officine Meccaniche, Venezia – Italy
DECEMBER 01 AJZ Bahndamm, Chemnitz – Germany

Led by Paul Speckmann since the beginning in 1983, MASTER is without doubt one of the most legendary and influential death metal bands in existence.  MASTER  is that kind of band that no real headbanger can ignore and if you have not picked up their latest album "The New Elite" then DO IT! Needless to say, MANIFEST looks forward to this tour bigtime!

MANIFEST`s latest effort ""Written In Blood" was released in Europe in November 2011 and marks a milestone in the bands carreer. In support of "Written In Blood", MANIFEST have played alongside bands like MESHUGGAH, ENTOMBED, MALEVOLENT CREATION & NAPALM DEATH. The band has also appeared on international metal festivals like Inferno Metal Festival, Trondheim Metal Fest & Polar Death Fest.