BEYOND THE GATES slipper 4 nye navn

BEYOND THE GATES slipper 4 nye navn


We’re extremely proud to announce three carefully selected, hard hitting acts for you lot. Please welcome Solstice, One Tail, One Head and Tortorum. More bands to be announced shortly.

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After years of hiatus, one of the heaviest forces of English traditional doom is back, and after doing selected shows in Europe the last couple of years, the time has come for Solstice to hit the Norwegian shores. Besides the always multitasking creative force of Rich Walker, the lineup who already has taken several festival audiences by storm in the past includes amongst others Norway resident Irishman Paul Kearns.


One must have been totally absent from the black metal scene not to have noticed One Tail, One Head the last years. Fronting the massive Nidrosian black metal scene with their raw and asskicking old school black metal, this is one of the biggest treats served you as a black metal fan this year. And we don’t mean only at Beyond the Gates. This is probably THE band holding the traditional black metal flame highest at the moment.


Probably the newest band on the billing, but don’t let that fool you. Behind TORTORUM we find veterans of the Norwegian extreme metal scene if there ever was any. Featuring members from Dead To This World and Spearhead, you will be introduced to a branch of extreme metal crossing several genres, and with a more diverse approach than we’re used to. This is one of many bands you can say in the future you were lucky enough to witness at an early stage.